Makeup is for professional make-up artists their working tool, it must be effective, precise, easy to use.

Texture is the key element of a make-up product.

Achieving texture is all about vision, touch, attention to detail and lots of testing.

That's why our eyeshadow palettes make the difference.

The Neutral Matte 01 eyeshadow palette is our "icon", our first creation.

The texture is highly pigmented, the effect is immediate with a single stroke of the brush.

Soft and velvety, it is easy to blend without powder splashes, it literally melts into the skin for a perfect hold.

We have created 12 essential base colors.

Our range includes more than 300 colors created on this same model.

Our workshop is in Paris.

In designing our make-up, we follow a vision that we imagine French, of fashion and beauty made up of classicism and spontaneity, open to all influences, with confidence and style.

Makeup is also a fashion accessory, it is part of the composition of a silhouette.

Our colors make it possible to create the right combinations at the right time, at the closer to the trends.

We create makeup tools by looking for the right texture and color.